Reports from Visitors to the Apartment

Your Cote d'Azur apartment was fantastic! Right on the beach!! Thirty seconds from door to sand and crystal clear water. First I would sit on the balcony while munching on a fresh croissant from the bakery downstairs. A few hours on the beach then walk down the beach to the little outdoor restaurant for a fire roasted pizza (the pasta is great as well). Then the three questions arise: Can I take another hour in the sun, is it too early for a glass of wine (never too early in France) and where am I having dinner tonight? Cavaliere is just too cute plus it was a great starting point for all my jaunts to Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez and into Provence. The Riviera rocks!!


Two condos in one, doubles the pleasure with roominess and accommodation. Just when you feel like you've seen the utmost in serenity, the Mediterranean gives you another another beautiful look! Like the sands of time, the condo's picture window frames life on the Riviera at its slow-motion best. Where else can you have croissants and tartes for breakfast as you watch five-masted schooners sailing by...

When you buy the offerings from the patisserie downstairs--delicious tartes, palmiers, and fresh petits pains and baguettes --frame the picture on the side of the bag and hang it in your kitchen at home. It makes for a wonderful decoration, and is guaranteed to make you smile!


Really comfortable accommodations. Fabulous views of the beach below, the blue Mediterranean, and unbelievable sunsets!

A perfect location in a darling town. The local amenities were lovely in their simplicity, Le Levandou was good for local shopping, and the drive to Nice, St Tropez, etc. was relatively easy. Great access to wonderful and inexpensive food, bread, cheese and vino... and the beauty of the location -- to die for.


You step out the back door onto the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. What more could one ask for? Sitting on the deck with its incredibly beautiful beach, sea and shore views, drink a bottle of great French wine, and enjoying wonderful bread from the charming bakery on the street-side of the building is about as good as life can get!

Our son and daughter-in-law and we stayed for two weeks in your wonderful apartment. We loved the privacy of the beach and were very comfortable. It was fun drive around one day and be at the beach the next. Thanks so much.

If this apartment were ever on the market, we would grab it up in a second. The apartment is right on the beach, top floor so the view is superb from the deck, and of course instant access to paradise. One of the benefits of being on the beach that is priceless, is falling asleep to the sounds of the waves hitting the beach.

This place is two small separate units, combined together with one entrance, so there are two bathrooms and two sleeping accommodations. The smaller unit is just a bedroom/bath combo with a view of the street/town; the other has a living room, bathroom, loft, kitchen, eating area and outdoor deck.

We went with our teenage daughters, and both parents and teens had adequate privacy. We all loved it. I would recommend at least a week's stay at this wonderful place.